Do I REALLY need a website!?

What To Consider When Getting A Website For My Business.

When trying to make a business decision that involves extra expenses for your business. The question that most business owners or managers pose is, “What kind of ROI or what kind of value does this bring to my business?” The same question can be posed when deciding if you want a website for your business. After all, a website is just not one cost. It is actually broken down into a few different categories of cost.

The cost typically involves:

  1. Purchasing the domain name
  2. Hosting cost
  3. Design cost
  4. Maintenance/updating cost
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (Which some like to skip all together or do not understand or realize that this is very important to have.)

Now I have found that small businesses try to avoid having a website. Mainly to avoid the cost above, or because they do not see the value in having a website for the kind of business they have. On the other hand, businesses that want high growth seem to value having a website for their business no matter what the business is.

To Answer The Original Question...

So, getting back to the original question, and to answer that question. You need to think about the following:

  1. What kind of business do you have?
  2. Where is your target customer base?
  3. How much are you willing to budget for a website?
  4. What is the goal of your website?
  5.  How will your website help you achieve that goal?
  6. Do you want to build it yourself or have outside help?

These are some of the questions that you need to answer so that you can determine if having a website brings value to your business. A website can be much more than just an advertising platform. It can be a great way to keep your client/customer informed about various aspects in your business. It can also help you run your business.

So What Are Some Examples Of How A Website Can Help You..

One example of this! Let’s say you have a day spa or the kind of business were your customers or clients make appointments. You can put a schedule on your site and the site visitor can see when you or a member of a staff is available or not, and then schedule accordingly. While the member of your staff can likewise submit time slots or the calendar can say when that staff member will be unavailable and the client or customers will see that this person is not available on these select days or time. This is similar to booking a hotel room or trying to schedule a flight.

You can also communicate other important information to your visitor base. Such as an FAQ page, or any new changes to your business. They can download pertinent forms that they may need. They can also pre-pay for a service or product that you offer before coming to your location, making financial transactions easier and safer for all involved. You can make a rewards program if they create and account, such as get 4 pedicures and the fifth one is free. This can be a great way to create customer loyalty, and as the visitor spreads the word of your great offer, your business increases.

That is one great thing for that kind of business. Let’s look at another.


Let’s look at another.

Take a construction/contractor business. Most business owners in this category do not really see the value in a website other than a means of letting people know that their business exist. However, there is a lot that a website can do for this kind of business. Such as the scheduling feature above for estimates. Pictures and references of past and current projects can be posted on the site. As well as reference contact information and licenses that these kinds of businesses must file with their local governments. You can also start a vlog/blog to communicate to your clients. For instance, show your clients step-by-step how to care for the new granite counter tops that you just installed in a home. Or what to check if their Central A/C is not working. These are just some of the things that you can do with a website. A website offers a lot more flexibility of reaching out to your customers/clients than social media does. But if you combine the two, then it becomes a very powerful tool for your business. There are other industry leaders that agree that a website is excellent for your business. Forbes being one of them!