What Is SEO And Do I Need IT!?

Importance of SEO

Your Website is just one site in a vast sky. Or a needle in a VERY LARGE Hay stack
So you have a website and all looks great. It represents your brand and communicates to your visitors the services and/or products that you offer and why they should choose your over your competition. Now, all you need to do is wait for the site visitors to come take a look. As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come!” Question: But is that really true? If someone builds a website and it is out on the internet for all to see then visitors will eventually come to your site, right? Answer: Yes and no! Why yes and no, you ask!? Well, those that have already done business with you and continue to do so will eventually visit your website, more than likely. And of course, word of mouth is still the best marketing. But I am sure that you built a website to reach a larger audience. But unless you are only one of very few companies offering a service in a local area or state, then you will need to optimize your site for search engines so that people can Google you and find you.

What is SEO

That is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in! This is the practice of optimizing your site so that search engines will crawl (look at) your site and according to their own algorithms, will rank your site accordingly. Now the real challenge here is that search engines constantly update and change their search algorithms. So what worked yesterday for SEO may not work today. And what works today, may not work tomorrow.

Knowing how to optimize your site based on these rules that the search engines establish is one key to getting on the first page of a search result. Not knowing this can leave you as a very small needle in a Mt. Everest sized haystack.

Now some people prefer to do SEO for their site on their own. But for business owners, especially those that are just starting out, this can be a daunting task that most business owners do not have time to do on their own.

That is were SEO specialist can help you get the search rankings that you need. And as a direct result of that, can get you more visitors to your website.


But SEO alone is NOT enough!

Now it is important to note that keyword ranking and optimization of your site is now just a very small part of SEO. A blog is almost a must now-a-days as well as social media content. But all of that content must CONSTANTLY be updated to rank well on search engines. When I say constantly I would say once a month at least. As Google usually crawls for new content monthly, but sometimes less often. So it becomes somewhat of a balancing act.

Now depending on the kind of site you have, you can use tools to help you optimize your site for SEO. But just doing that alone will not get you to the top of the google search in most cases. Google also crawls facebook mentions, youtube, (this is a big one lately), twitter, linked in, yelp, etc…

They also search for other mentions, like other blog articles that mention your business. As well as backlinks.

SEO is a complicated and time consuming task to get the true value out of your website. It can help you build your brand quicker than just doing other marketing on your own.

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